A simple website monitor in python

English: Python powered logo with print("...
English: Python powered logo with print(“Hello, world!)” type. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my day job I monitor many many websites. Some very smart people within the company I work for have build a pretty advanced monitoring system for our websites, that together with the appropriate plug-in on the website allow for very detailed website status information. Without this tool my job would be out of control. Continue reading “A simple website monitor in python”

Bash script calculating sharpratios on Yahoo Finance data


For one of my trading projects I am looking to calculate something called sharpratio for pricing of an equity over time. This can be done in a spreadsheet, but this becomes a bit laborious as I want to do this for more than 1000 of data sets. So I set out to write a bash script that calculates the sharp ratio on any given price data set from Yahoo Finance. If you are interested in how I use this as part of a trading strategy. I will be posting there shortly on how I intend to use the below code as part of the trading strategy I use. More info on the theory of sharp ratio can be found here.

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