On this site I share what I know on the subject of Code and Money.


Code is everywhere. Without it the world as we know it today would not exist. I believe everyone should know how to code. Not everyone needs to be an expert coder, but everyone should at least understand the basics. It is just like reading and writing. Not everyone needs to be a novelist, or scholar, but being able to read and write gives a better understanding of the world. I believe the same applies to knowing code.

I have been coding professionally for more than 10 years now and I am completely self-taught.

If you want to start and learn to code, than I have you covered. I have created a course that you can audit for free right here on this site. It is the same course that I have taught to over 6000 students on Udemy.


Money is the root of all evil? Not really. The thing is that many people do not understand what money actually is. For a long time I did not know either. It is not something that is taught at school, not even in economic classes. I believe that maybe only monetary economist are actually educated on the topic of money. The rest of us will either learn about money from our family if we are lucky, or we will figure it out by ourselves. Fact is that many people will never know what money actually is.

I have been trading and investing on my own for more than 10 years. And I became successful doing this only once I started to understand what money is.

What most people call money is actually currency. The Euro, the Dollar, the Lira, etc. are all currencies. I trade currencies, among other things, but I do not hold them long term. What I do hold are: Gold, Silver and Bitcoin, which I consider to be a form of money.

If you are wondering why I am a trader and investor, then I suggest you checkout this article I wrote explaining just that. You might wanna be one too. 🙂 It’s mostly about freedom.

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