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Learn how to code with Python – Lesson 5 – Basics wrapup

Basic code wrapup
Basic code?

In this lesson, I bring together the few basics discussed in the previous videos and this video. To do this I will discuss one more important principle in programming and that is:


I have already introduced some data types like strings, integers, and floats. But there are more types you need to know about before we can continue.


A built-in Python sequence. Despite its name it is more akin to an array in other languages than to a linked list since access to elements are O(1).



An associative array, where arbitrary keys are mapped to values. The keys can be any object with __hash__() function and __eq__() methods. Called a hash in Perl.



tuple is an immutable sequence type, as documented in Sequence Types โ€” str, bytes, bytearray, list, tuple, range.


These were the very basics in programming with Python. This course continues with 5 more modules where you will learn about:

  • Modules
  • Flow control
  • Loops

And will end with a practical application using Python to harvest data from the web.

I have placed all the videos in a playlist, which you can find here. Alternatively, you can watch the playlist below.