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Learn how to code with python video course

Learn How to Code With Python - Intro
Learn How to Code With Python – Intro

Below is an intro to my free mini video course:

In this course, I will teach you fundamental coding skills using the Python programming language.


I believe that anyone should learn how to code.

Coding / Computation is all around us and you will understand more of the world around you if you know how to code. It is not my intention to make everyone a software developer,  but coding is a skill like reading and writing. And it can be a lot of fun as well.

This course is also available on Udemy, or you can author the course for free right here.


This course is for you if:

  • you are not a software developer (yet), but you feel like you want to know more about how computer programs work.
  • you work with programmers and want to understand better what it is they do.
  • you want to get into programming yourself.


You do not need any coding skills to be able to follow this course. However, you do need to be computer literate, meaning, you know how to get around the file system and know how to install software. We will be using Python 3.x.

In order to keep things as simple as possible, I will be using the standard python editor, Idle, which is included when you install Python.

Of course, you are free to use any other code editor you are familiar with. Or just use Idle as I do in the lectures.

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