Cashback, paid out in Sats (Bitcoin)

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I use Satsback as a way to passively accumulate Bitcoin while spending fiat currencies.

If you install the browser extension, then you will be automatically notified when Cashback is available while you are shopping online. You can also use it to get cashback on some of the products and resources I recommend on this site. Simply signup and install the browser extension before browsing through the resources I recommend.

Below is more information about this service. Know enough? Go directly to

Satsback is an evolution of cashback and loyalty rewards. We work with online stores to help you save in bitcoin whenever you shop online.
Experience the future of saving and value transfer today!

You don’t need to own a whole bitcoin! There are 100 million satoshis (sats) in each coin & we’re on a mission to guide you on your journey one satoshi at a time.
It’s the easiest and safest way to get bitcoin.

Instant payouts

Withdraw your rewards as soon as they are available. We empower you to hold the keys to your savings no matter how small the amount.


Built by privacy advocates committed to protecting your personal data with privacy by design.

Perfected rewards

There will never be more than 21 million bitcoin! Because of its absolute digital scarcity, it is the first form of money designed to increase in value over time.

Select online store

Browse and select from
thousands of online stores.


Follow our links and shop
as you do normally.

Earn bitcoin rewards

Earn a % of what you spent back in bitcoin
& payout via the Lightning Network.

How is this free?

It’s pretty simple, really. Stores pay us for attracting new users and sales. We convert this commission to the best form of money discovered and share most of it with you.

Since we make a small profit every time you shop, we can remain free to use while respecting your privacy.

Never miss another free satoshi

Our browser extension automatically reminds you when you visit a partnering store so that you’ll never miss another precious satoshi. Get it to activate satsback rewards with a single click.

Your Bitcoin journey begins here!

Bitcoin is the future of money and the most important asset to understand and own today.
Start stacking sats now.

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