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Invest with me on Etoro

I no longer invest, trade, and share my portfolio on Etoro!
This page is here for historical purposes.

I invest, trade, and share my portfolio on Etoro! – Here is my performance chart.

Why I Choose Etoro

Etoro is a Trading and Investing platform and social network in one.


I have been looking for a way to transparently share my trading and investing portfolio with other traders and investors.

Etoro allows me to just that. I can invest, trade, and share all on one platform.


I opened an account with Etoro in 2017 and used the platform for a few years. I never had any issues with order execution, or withdrawals.

Etoro has been in business since 2007.

Etoro is also a regulated broker in different jurisdictions. As I am European I have an account at eToro (Europe) Ltd., a Financial Services Company authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) under license # 109/10.

The fact that Etoro has been a broker for a long time and is regulated makes me confident to invest and trade with Etoro.

BTW: Please check with Etoro for the business entity that is most appropriately regulated for your personal situation.

What can you do on the Platform

On the platform I HODL Bitcoin, Gold and Silver. I INVEST in ETFs, and I TRADE Currencies.

Every time I open a position or place and order I can share it on my feed, so you and other traders and investors can see it. All you need to do is follow me by adding me to your watch list.

On my profile you can see my performance stats as well. on my private dashboard there are more stats available. I will periodically review my portfolio’s performance using these and other stats. Here is my most recent review dating October 29th 2023:

Etoro Portfolio Review May – Dec 2023

In May 2023 I started investing and trading at Etoro. This is a review of my trading and investing performance. The portfolio stats are the stats generated by Etoro on my personal dashboard.

I will look at risk, growth, and cash flow, and I will compare the trading part of the portfolio with the investing part.


Etoro scores each portfolio from 1 to 10. For more info see: https://www.etoro.com/customer-service/help/64684187/how-does-etoro-calculate-and-present-risk/

I aim to maintain an average risk score of 3-4 and a max risk score of 6-7.

My average risk score was 3 for the past 6 months. In October the max risk score rose to 6.

Growth performance compared to benchmarks

My portfolio vs SPX500

In May, June, and Juli my portfolio kept up with the S&P500 index. Then, as the index started to turn down in August, September, and October my portfolio kept moving up.

My portfolio vs NSDQ100

The NASDAQ did better than the S&P500.

My portfolio vs EUSTX50

The European stocks have shown minimal performance. That is easy to beat.

My Portfolio vs Bitcoin

Bitcoin outperformed my portfolio by more than 10 percent. Of course, my portfolio was a lot less volatile.


About 40% of my portfolio is in ETFs, which might pay dividends.

Expected dividends


Trading vs Investing

I keep a trading log where I record all my trades. I place all the trades on Etoro using the cash balance in my portfolio as a trading margin.

Looking at my trading record I did 26R in May – December 2023. Risking 1% per trade it means that the trading performance was 26%

The overall portfolio performance is only 29,33%.

This would mean that the investing part of my portfolio had a performance of 3,33%.


My investing portfolio kept up with the overall market. It did slightly worse than the S&P500 and better than the EUSTX50. The investment side of my portfolio has been modeled and this showed that it will outperform the market in the long term.

Therefore I see no need to change course for the investing part of my portfolio.

Concerning the trading part, I will try to keep up the performance by staying disciplined in following my trading plan. I will also back-test more FX pairs and add the ones that are profitable with an acceptable draw down. I will also consider testing and trading non-FX assets, such as indices, metals, energy, and commodities.

December 27th 2023

Portfolio Review December 2023

If you feel comfortable with my results and way of investing, and trading, then you can even copy my portfolio automatically.

Who is this for

If you are a self directed trader and/or investor then Etoro is the perfect place to manage your portfolio and find other traders and investors to socialize with.

Trading and investing is a lonely activity, so it’s great to find like-minded people on the platform.

And if you are a beginner trader, or investor then Etoro is a great platform to see how others are managing their portfolio and learn from that. I know I have.

And finally, if you are a passive investor, meaning you do not want to actively manage your portfolio, then Etoro allows you to copy other investors portfolios.

How to get started

So if this all sounds good, then here is how you can get started.

First of all, make sure you only invest with money that you can risk losing (in part or even in whole).

Second of all, only invest with money that you will not need for a long period of time.

And thirdly, consider making weekly or monthly recurring deposits to help your account grow faster.

Here are the steps to get started:

  • Open an account
  • Make a first deposit
  • Setup recurring deposits
  • Follow other investors by adding them to your watch list
  • Copy them after you have followed them for a while

Invest at Etoro

You can Invest at Etoro by clicking on the Invest at Etoro button below. This will take you to my profile. On my profile you will find a button for signing up to Etoro, if you don’t have an account. Add me to your watch list to get updates from me. Also follow other investors and copy them if you want to automatically have the same portfolio as them.

77% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Your capital is at risk. Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.