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10 reasons why you should use Ubuntu

Ten reasons to use Ubuntu
Ten reasons to use Ubuntu

When I tell people all of my personal computers run on Ubuntu Linux, most people know what I am talking about. Some of them then ask me: why? Aren’t the other existing systems any good. Well, the truth is, they are good and in some ways, they are very good. But there is more to an operation system, then it being technically good. As our world, or at least my world is becoming more and more dependent on computer and software for it’s every day functioning there are other reasons to consider when choosing the software you use to do your everyday stuff, like shopping and online banking.

So here are the 10 reasons why I use Ubuntu on all my personal computers:

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Build more wealth with gold

United States Mint
United States Mint cutting back on the coin production

I believe everyone can maintain and build more wealth by holding gold.

In this article, I will try to build my case for this belief. I will cite some bullish news facts for gold. Then I will move on to look at inflation and explain to you why I think inflation is theft and show you that it is robbing you of your wealth. I will conclude with some paragraphs on the Turkish Lira and my personal experience in Turkey that has shaped my way of thinking about money, wealth, and gold in particular. Continue reading “Build more wealth with gold”

Building my investment portfolio: a first look at how I do it.

Building my investment portfolio
Building my investment portfolio: a first look

This is the first video in a series I plan to do on my investing journey. I will try and do regular updates as the portfolio progresses.

Currently, I have 5000 EURO invested in Gold, Silver, Cryptocurrencies and dividend stocks. My goal is to grow this to 20.000 EURO this year. This growth will come mainly from me putting in my own money into the portfolio, but hopefully, capital gains and dividends that I reinvest will help me get there.

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How to Find Dividend Stocks to Invest in

Finding the right stocks to invest in
Finding the right stocks to invest in

For a long time, I have been hesitant to invest in the stock market myself. The main reason I told myself is that I am already heavily invested in the stock markets via my pension plans.

The thing is I have no control over my pension plans. I just have to hope the money I put in is managed well and then hopefully when I am 70 years old I might retire.

Wait a minute … 70!? Yes, 70, or maybe even later. Governments keep changing the rules concerning retirements.

That is why I have decided to build up a stock portfolio outside of the tax benefited pension plans. I want to build a portfolio of shares in good companies that will pay me dividends. This portfolio should, once it has grown enough, generate an income through dividends alone that will cover most of my expenses.

To achieve this we need to buy dividend-paying stocks at cheap prices. In this post, I will tell/show you how I go about this.

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